Bondi Cleaners. When it comes to commercial, residential or end of lease cleaning in Bondi Beach The Clean Kings are willing to take on everything and anything. The Clean kings provide qualified staff prepared to take on all surfaces, ensuring our clients receive nothing but 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Residential Cleaning

Maintaining a clean house however important, can sometimes be a huge task. You deserve a clean space to protect the health and well being of your family.

With our busy schedules, we often find ourselves with no time to do the daily chores like cleaning. And after working the whole week, you may not want to spend the extra time you get on the weekends cleaning the house. You can always hire professionals to do the job for you and keep your house healthy and protected. Cleaner King offers residential cleaning services for all residential properties.

Why hire professional services for residential cleaning?

Apart from not being able to find any time due to busy work schedules, people also hire residential cleaning services for other reasons.

Getting the house ready for an occasion or a party

Apart from hiring the residential cleaning services for regular cleaning, you can also hire them for one time job when you want to get your house cleaned and

quickly ready for an occasion. The cleaning services ensure that your house looks its best and is ready to impress the guests.

Wanting time for yourself on weekends

Even if you do get some free time, you may want to spend it doing things you love. Be it indulging in any hobbies on the weekend, having family picnics or even just watching Netflix on the sofa. Residential cleaning services got you covered so you can enjoy your free time and have a beautiful and clean house to be in.

What is included in regular residential cleaning?

  • vacuuming of the carpets, floors and upholstery·        
  • mopping of the floors·        
  • wiping of the shelves, slabs and other surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms·        
  • emptying of the garbage bins
  • tidying up the entire house

Why choose Clean Kings for Residential Cleaning?

Friendly cleaners who understand and clean your house in the most effective ways

Our professionals at Cleaner King are experienced and trained to fulfil all your residential cleaning requirements. Our friendly staff will meet with you and

check your house to understand your expectations and deliver you the best quality cleaning results.

Advanced technology equipment and safe cleaning solutions

We are equipped with advanced technology, industry grade equipment to ensure high standard cleaning results. Our vacuum cleaners and other equipment are more powerful than the regular household cleaning equipment to provide a higher standard of cleaning. Our cleaning solutions are effective enough to remove all kinds of stains and gentle enough to not cause any damage to your precious house and are safe for your family.

Our expert cleaners, using the best equipment work to give you the best satisfactory cleaning of your house.

You can trust our services

We understand you may be worried about the safety of your house. There may be a lot of valuables that need to be protected. That is why, for your safety, we do a background verification of your cleaners before hiring them. So you can get the cleanest space with full protection.

Rely on us

In a family with children and pets, there can be cleaning emergencies. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there. Our professionals, equipped with the tools are always prepared to serve you.

Best results at affordable rates

Best quality cleaning doesn’t always mean you have to spend a lot. Our experts are efficient enough to deliver the best results using the maximum available

resources. We provide high quality cleaning services at reasonable prices. Whatever your cleaning requirements may be, we offer affordable quotes to

fulfil them all.

Contact us now to get a quote for residential cleaning by our best experts at Clean Kings.